Nerdy Geek Gift Shirts To Amaze Your Family Members

When it comes to getting a gift for a family member these days the choice is fairly endless on the likes of Amazon and Etsy and I’ve been having a good look around to see if I could find the perfect gift for my cousin who is having his 30th birthday soon. I know he likes to play video games so I that to go on and I also knew that he likes fashion. So I put 2 and 2 together and started looking at some novelty items of clothing that combined a 30th birthday theme with his love of video games. I started the search online of course as I always buy online these days (who doesn’t!?) and here’s what I found…


Finding The Right T-shirt Gift for 30th Birthday

So yeah to recap I had the mission of finding a great design for a 30th birthday that also had some clever link to my cousin’s love of playing video games. I came across a site called Geeky T-shirts or something like that and then I drilled down into their site’s 30th birthday tee-shirt section and to my amazement they had just what I’d been looking for. A retro Super Nintendo pad graphic with a king of pixellated font that just screamed retro cool birthday gift to me. So I found out his size was XXL as he’s been putting the pounds on recently and I bought the shirt. It took around a week to come as I live in the states and I had it delivered direct to my cousin so it really took the effort level down to a very manageable amount. Very pleased with the purchase.


Another of my Hobbies: Deer Hunting

So I’ve recently got into hunting and it’s been a fantastic discovery. I’ve been busy buying my new hunting gear but we’ll get to that later. I just wondered if any of my readers also liked deer hunting or were interested in getting to know a bit more about this awesome outdoor sport. If so, please drop me a mail and we can discuss it. So I was wondering where to start with it as my friend is an expert bow hunter but I thought that jumping in the deep end with bow hunting might prove to be really difficult so I was reluctant to do it that way.

Deer Hunting Gear

So once I’d decided on doing deer hunting the traditional way ie with firearms I set about getting me some of the right gear. But I didn’t want to spend a fortune so I tried to keep the cost of the gear down. I came across a site when I entered cheap ghillie suit in to the search and it the post gave me around 3 different ghillie suits to choose from. But they were all 5 piece ghillies so that made me really happy as I knew I’d be getting great value for money and that it would help as I was getting to grips with my new deer hunting hobby.